FAQ Category: Personalised Employment Pass

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Can a PEP holder start their own business in Singapore?

No. The Personalised Employment Pass is not targeted at business owners or independent freelancers, which means that PEP holders are not eligible to start their own business nor engage in any entrepreneurial activity in Singapore. PEP holders cannot be employed by their own company; the PEP pass is only meant for foreigners who are employed…
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Can a PEP holder work for multiple employers at any point of time?

Yes, a PEP holder is allowed to work for multiple employers at any point of time as long as he is not listed as Sole Proprietor/Partner/Director in an ACRA-registered business/company and shareholder of that business/company. However, both the employer and PEP holder need to inform MOM whenever there are changes or updates in their employment…
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Does a PEP holder need to leave Singapore after the expiry of the validity period?

The PEP is issued for a three-year period and is non-renewable. Assuming the PEP holder has not obtained Singapore Permanent Residence status, they will have to apply for an Employment Pass in order to continue working in Singapore after the expiry of the three-year period. If the Employment Pass application is not successful, the PEP…
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Does a PEP holder need to obtain approval from MOM when switching jobs?

No. It is not mandatory for PEP holders to obtain approval from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) when switching jobs. However, it is important to note that PEP holders still need to notify and update the MOM on their current job status. The notification must be sent within seven days of the change in employment…
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Can a PEP holder apply for Singapore Permanent Residence?

Yes. PEP holders can apply for Permanent Residence (PR) provided they are employed at the point of making the PR application. It is not necessary to wait until the PEP expires in order to apply for Singapore PR. Please note that the PR application is subject to approval by the authorities.

What is the minimum salary that a PEP holder needs to earn annually in Singapore?

All PEP holders who were EP holders are required to earn a minimum annual fixed salary of SGD $144,000.

What will happen if I didn’t meet the $144,000 fixed annual salary?

If the salary requirement is not met, your PEP will be cancelled and you will be issued a Short Term Visit Pass, which will allow you to remain in Singapore. In the event you decide to work in Singapore again, your prospective employer must apply for an Employment Pass for you.

Can I get a multiple entry visa for the PEP?

Yes. You can request for a multiple entry visa at the time of applying for the PEP. A multiple entry visa allows you to freely enter and leave Singapore during the validity period of your PEP.

What happens if I do not find a job for more than 6 months?

The PEP only allows you to stay up to a maximum period of 6 continuous months without a job in Singapore. If you are unable to find suitable employment within this 6-month period, your PEP will be cancelled.

Who will sponsor my PEP and the Dependant’s Pass for my spouse or children?

You will sponsor yourself and your dependents (spouse and children). No banker’s guarantee is required.