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What are my chances of success with Employment Pass application?

The chances of an Employment Pass application depend on the credentials of the company and the credentials of the individual applicant. We will be able to advice you further once we are in touch with you.

As a company shareholder can I apply for Employment Pass?

If your company is less than 6 months old If you hold more than 30% shares, the authorities may ask that you apply for Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) instead of Employment Pass (EP). However if you prefer to apply for Employment Pass, it is still possible. In this case, authorities will review your EP application and…
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How long does it take to process Employment Pass?

When the Employment Pass application is filed online, it takes anywhere between 1 to 10 working days to receive the outcome notification from authorities. It may take longer during peak periods or when additional information is required from the various economic agencies. When the Employment Pass application is filed manually, it takes anywhere between 3…
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Does our company require a nominee director service if we are applying for Employment Pass?

This situation applies to foreign individuals or companies who intend to incorporate a Singapore company and relocate to Singapore. As per Singapore Companies Law, each company must have at least one director who is ordinarily resident in Singapore. Therefore you will need to use a nominee local director service on a temporary basis until your…
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Can I apply for Employment Pass prior to incorporating my company?

No, unfortunately that’s not possible. Your company must be incorporated first before you can apply for Employment Pass.

How can the Employment Pass be renewed or cancelled?

Renewals Approximately 3 months before the expiry of EP, authorities will send a Renewal Notice to the Employer’s registered address. The renewal application should be completed and submitted to MOM at least 4 weeks before the pass expires. After the renewal application is approved, the employer will receive an approval letter. Normally there shouldn’t be…
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Is a medical test required when applying for work pass in Singapore?

When your Singapore work visa or permanent residence application is approved, authorities may require you to undergo a medical test. You will receive an approval letter that will indicate whether or not you are required to go through the medical test. Typically, the medical test includes a physical examination and some blood tests (to rule…
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