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Can we incorporate a Private Limited Company without using the word “Private” in the proposed name? E.g. ABC Limited

If you wish to incorporate a Private Limited Company, you must use the suffix “Pte Ltd”. Only a public company may be incorporated without the word Private.

I want to have the same company name as my business name. How do I apply for it?

2 different business entities cannot have the same name even if the owners and directors are the same persons. You may however, apply for a slightly different name e.g. if the business name is ABC Trading, you may apply for ABC Trading Network Pte. Ltd.

Can I apply for a company name which is similar to another company name?

When we submit a name application, the system will first do a check on similar names. If the proposed name is found to be similar or identical to another name on the ACRA register, the name will be rejected. You may choose to submit another name or submit an appeal to use the proposed name.…
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I have applied for a company name and it has been approved. Now I want to change the proposed name. Can I do so?

You are not allowed to change or amend the name application. However, you can submit a fresh application for a new proposed name. If the name is rejected because it is similar or identical to the earlier application, you may submit a name appeal online.

If a company has been struck off, can I use the same name?

Yes. The name will be available 15 years after the company has been struck off because the company can be restored to the register within 15 years from date of striking off.

Why does my company name application require 14 working days to process?

The processing time of name application is on a case-by-case basis. The minimum processing time is within 15 minutes after payment while some referral cases require 14 days or more.

How do I convert my business to company?

You would have to retain the exact business name for use in the company name. You would also have to undertake to terminate the business firm upon incorporation by indicating the business name and business registration number in the company application form.

Can I extend the reservation period of my approved company name after the expiry date?

No, the name reservation period can only be extended if the application is submitted before the expiry date. A fee is payable and only one extension is allowed.

How do I find out whether a name that I want to use for my business entity can be approved?

We would advise you to do a search using the Directory of Business, Company, LLP, PAC, PAF Names at www.bizfile.gov.sg. There is no fee payable for using this search function.

Do I need to obtain any approval prior to registration with ACRA?

Yes. You need to obtain prior approval from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) before submitting the name application online.