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MCCS has the most diverse expertise in the setting up of various Corporate structures such as Private Limited Companies (PLC), Charitable Institutions, Associations, Councils, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Company Limited by Guarantee, Sole Proprietorship, Branch Offices, Representative Offices, Regional Centres and many more.

At MCCS we look upon Company Formation as a very customized and specific exercise for each of our clients. We have recognized through our vast expertise and experience that the one-size-fits-all templated approach commonly adopted in the market is not only unsuitable but dangerous to businesses and their leaders.


Regardless of the size of your business or its billable value to us, our Directors attend to your work personally right from the onset. Therefore you are always given the very best service at MCCS. We provide structuring advice from a business profitability + growth + compliance + tax optimization for the current and perceivable future vision you have for your busines

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Singapore Private Limited Companies

The most common registered entity for trade in Singapore is the Private Limited Company. MC Group and its qualified agents will be able to guide you through the A-Z of company incorpration.

Singapore Charities/ Foundations

MC Group specialises in the field of incorproation of charities and foundations in Singapore. We are able to assist our Clients to set up (i) a Company Limited by Guarantee and (ii) Associations or Societies.

Singapore Partnerships, RO and Branch Office 

MC Group can assist our Clients in setting the optimum entity for their needs being a partnership, Representative Office or a Branch Office. 

Offshore Incorporation and Registration

Qualified agents for Company incorporations and services for a wide range of Offshore destinations and jurisdictions such as BVI, Marshall Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Malta, Bermuda, St. Kitts, Liberia, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Seychelles, etc.

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