Change of Company Secretary

Corporate Secretarial. Accountancy. Tax. Corporate Legal Advisory. Management Consultancy. Business Support Services.

Switch your corporate administration, company secretarial functions, and other compliance services to MC Group. We are the leading Singapore corporate services company, and our consultants bring with them over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Why should you switch to MC Group

Are you currently not satisfied with your current corporate services provider?

Do you often feel that your current corporate service provider:

  • Has a delayed response time
  • Makes simple mistakes and errors
  • Provides a poor quality service
  • Lacks the expertise
  • Provides unreasonable fees/ hidden fees

Then switch, its easy and hassle free!

Switching your corporate service provider to MC Group is a simple, easy and hassle-free process.  To switch all we need you to provide us with the basic company information, thereafter our expert consultants will handle the process from A-Z.

Below we have detailed the process to make the switch.

Steps Procedure
1 MC Group expert consultant will contact your current provider, prepare all necessary documents and perform the transition seamlessly.
2 MC Group will work with you to understand your current needs and concerns with your provider.  Thereafter we will tailor a unique solution addressing all your needs and provide you a proposal.
3 Once you have accepted our proposal, we will issue a termination notice on your behalf to your previous corporate service provider.
4 We will then appoint, one of expert consultants as your Company Secretary and commence our services.
5 MC Group will arrange for the collection of all your Company Statutory Documents from your previous corporate service provider.
6 MC Group will file the necessary documents with ACRA  informing them of the change of corporate service provide and ensure that all your compliance is up to date.
7 If there are any outstanding compliance issues, MC Group will address them accordingly.

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