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The DP visa is available for spouse and unmarried children below 21 years age (including legally adopted) of work pass holders (i.e. Employment Pass, EntrePass, PEP, or S pass holders who are earning at least $4,000 a month).

Whilst the DP visa is not available to the Fiancée of a work pass holder, the Fiancée is usually eligible to apply for a Long-Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) subject to certain conditions.

Helpful notes:

You can apply for Dependant’s Pass along with the work pass application or at any point of time after the work pass approval.
If all documents are in order, the DP will most likely be approved.
Parents and children who are not eligible for the Dependant’s Pass may be eligible to apply for Long-Term Social Visit Pass.
A Dependant’s Pass is tied to a work pass and it’s expiry date is the same as the expiry date of the corresponding work pass.

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Yes, a child on a Dependant’s Pass can enroll into a local Singapore school. However, admission is subject to availability of vacancy in the local school. As a result, it’s usually not easy for DP holders to get enrolled into the top local schools

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If you are on a Dependant’s Pass (DP) and you have secured a job in Singapore, your prospective employer will need to apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC). There are no minimum salary requirements, but do note that the approval is subject to the discretion of the authorities.

You can only start work after the employer has received the LOC from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The processing of the application can take 4-6 weeks. The outcome of the application will be mailed to the employer.

The LOC must be renewed when the DP is being renewed. MOM will send the LOC renewal form employer approximately three months before the pass expires. The completed form should be submitted at least four weeks before the LOC expires.

As long as you are working in Singapore, you will be liable to pay personal taxes as per the applicable personal tax rates in Singapore.

Your LOC is cancelled when your DP is cancelled, or when you are no longer employed by the company. Upon termination, your employer is required to notify MOM that you are no longer working for the company. There is no effect on your DP.

Alternatively, you can file for an Employment Pass and, if approved, thereby converting your DP into an EP. When applying for EP, your application will be evaluated as per the requirements of the EP. If your EP is not approved, you will continue to hold your DP.

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The expiry of Dependant’s Pass is pegged to the sponsoring Employment Pass.

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