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Corporate Secretarial. Accountancy. Tax. Corporate Legal Advisory. Management Consultancy. Business Support Services.

MC Group of Companies

Our Firm, MC Group of Companies is a well-reputed leading house that offers top-rated services equivalent to the biggest firms at start-up rates. Our differentiating edge is in our ability to provide full-range corporate services for secretarial, accounting, tax, immigration services, audit, GST, business advisory, negotiations, M & As, arbitration and corporate legal matters amongst a host of other essential corporate assistance avenues. 

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US Tax Bill

The Winners, Losers and how will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact you and your business? President Donald Trump’s “big, beautiful Christmas present” to the American people came Dec.[…]

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Update: EntrePass Scheme

The EntrePass scheme, originally launched in 2003, is a work visa meant for foreign entrepreneurs looking to establish their business in Singapore. In early August 2017, the scheme was overhauled[…]

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Update: Dependant Work Pass Holders

The salary criteria for work pass holders to qualify for dependant privileges have been upgraded. Therefore if you are the main pass holder, this will enable you to upkeep dependants[…]

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